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We are also grateful to the other Indigenous groups who have welcomed us onto their land, and acknowledge the Bidjigal, Darkinjung, Darug, Eora, and Guringai people, on whose land this website was created, and whose stories and art initially motivated much of this work. We thank the organisations who have sponsored parts of this work either financially or in kind: CSIRO, Gove Amateur Astronomers, Macquarie University, Rio Tinto Alcan, and the Yothu Yindi Foundation.

We are indebted to our colleagues Hugh Cairns, John Clegg, Paul Curnow, Kristina Everett, Serena Fredrick, Duane Hamacher, Ray Johnston, John Morieson, Adele Pring, Clive Ruggles, and especially Ian MacLean, for their inspiration, help, and collaboration. Our warm thanks go to Bruce and Janette Mcnaughton for their hospitality and friendship in Nhulunbuy. We also thank Barnaby and Tamasin Norris for help with some of the surveys and photography used in this book, and give a special thanks to Barnaby for injecting his expertise and time into many of the images shown on this site, and especially his magnificent “Emu in the Sky” Image.

We also thank Aboriginal representatives and other organisations who help maintain and protect the national treasures represented here, including:

  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)
  • Buku Larrnggay Mulka Centre (Yirrkala, NT)
  • Injaluk Arts & Crafts Centre, Gunbalanya (formerly Oenpelli, NT)
  • Richard and Cynthia Hunter, of the Nganguraku People (SA)
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service (NSW)
  • Northern Land Council (NT)
  • State Library of NSW and the Mitchell Library
  • Sydney Metropolitan Land Council
  • Yirrkala Dhanbul Community Association (Yirrkala, NT)

We are grateful to those authors who have given us permission to reproduce their works in the "reference library" section.


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